Wendy Scrase Homeopathy in Bangor

What is homeopathy? A patient's whole state of health – physical, mental and emotional – is assessed and a medicine is then chosen which is known to have induced a similar physical and emotional state in healthy volunteers. See Provings under FAQs.
When the medicine is taken in a diluted form known as a potency it has the potential to restore balance. A potency is the word used to describe the serially diluted and vigorously shaken aqueous preparation. The reason why the medicines are diluted is to avoid side effects. The dilutions are extreme: what would be considered no longer a molecule.

What Conditions Can it Help? I am restricted from making claims about what conditions homeopathy helps. It would be worth checking out the research evidence on the British Homeopathic Association website: https://www.britishhomeopathic.org/evidence/conditions-with-overall-positive-evidence-for-homeopathy/

What Benefits can be Expected?

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